ytt2018-chevronRegistration for Camp YTT – Swerdlov Summer Program – 2019/5779 will open on Sunday, 8th of Teves – December 16th at 5pm (NY Time) here at


All girls who register on Sunday December 16th between 5pm and 7pm will get an interview. 

Registrations received after 7pm on December 16th will receive an interview on a first come first served basis, space permitting.

Interviews are not a guarantee of acceptance.

[Camp Dates: Tuesday, July 10 (Tammuz 7), 2019 – Tuesday, August 13 (Av 12) 2019]

Please have the camper prepare answers for 1 and 2 and a short paragraph for 3 and 4.

  1. Rate Your Level of Tznius -1-10
  2. Your Level of Chassidishkeit – 1-10
  3. What are your special strengths or talents?
  4. Why you want to go to Camp YTT?
  • For questions and more information please email:

  • For an article on last year’s program click here.

  • If you have not yet signed up for camp updates, please click here..

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