Camp YTT (Swerdlov Summer Program)

Summer 5783/2023 – Poland & Israel – Grades 10 and 11

Registration Opens here TODAY, Sunday, January 8th at 2pm

Camp Dates: Tuesday, July 11th (Tammuz 22) – Monday, August 14th (Av 27) 2023

Cost of the summer program is $5600 plus airfare and $200 registration fee. Additional costs will be travel/medical insurance and counselor tips.

All registrations received before Shabbos (Jan 13th) will receive equal attention.


Dear 10th and 11th graders שתחינה,

Really, we want to go with Moshiach to Binyan Bais Hamikdosh.
And if ch’vesholom not, at least to the Ukraine…
So far, at this time, we need to be practical.
We have decided to visit Poland.
Warsaw; where the Rebbe was married, Otvotzk; where the Lubavitcher Yeshiva stood, Kracow; where the BY movement began, Lizjensk; to Reb Elimelech, and Aushwitz/Birkenau where we will proudly be the REVENGE.
We are confident that we will be able to learn and grow, in all the places.

Miryam Swerdlov

Thank you for your interest in Camp YTT, Swerdlov Summer Program.

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