. B”H 


To join the “Camp YTT 2020 Updates” WhatsApp group click here

Please note that acceptance is not based on first minute, first served. All applications that come in this week, will receive the same review.

Camp Dates: July 12th (Tammuz 13) – August 15th (Av 18) 2022

Camp Fees: $4950 plus airfare and $200 registration fee. (Additional costs will be travel/medical insurance, Covid tests and counselor tips.)


In preparation for registration, please have the camper prepare a short paragraph for the following questions.

Why do you want to go to Camp YTT?

What are your special strengths?

How important is Tznius to you?

How do you define Chassidishkeit?


Thank you for your interest in Camp YTT. Please fill out this form. This does NOT mean you have registered. This form is for us to update you, and for us to know how many girls are interested in our program (10th and 11th grade).

For Ukraine entry rules click here. Currently, all foreigners under 18 do not need to be vaccinated to enter Ukraine.

For Israel entry rules click here. Currently, all foreigners need to be vaccinated to enter Israel.


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