This page has not yet been updated for 2022-5782

Handbook for Summer 5781-2021



Clothing list

Medical Forms

Medical & Ticket Insurance

Where are you going?
Israel, [add country] Ukraine

What is your residence?
[USA] [state}
When are you traveling?
July 13 – August 16
When was your initial payment?
June 6, 2021

Who is traveling?  Date of Birth
[First Name] [last Name]
Trip Cost:  $1410

Please email the confirmation you receive from the insurance company to

Parent Affidavit (this needs to be filled out by both parents and notarized) Please email a copy to the original must be brought to the airport with a copy of the birth certificate.

Israel Entry Statement form – must be filled out less then 24 hours before departure

Shabbos Off & Shabbos Kfar Chabad forms

Order a cell phone for Israel

Please, choose Unlimited Talk and Text – USA and Israel
and choose monthly.  

It will show $110 (plus 17% vat).

We have upgraded the plan to Unlimited talk and text within Israel as well as 1000 minutes to the USA (additional minutes .05c) plus texting to the USA. It will also come with a USA number that can receive calls (not texts).  It can receive texts to the Israeli number. 

The cost will be $100 (plus 17% vat).  The phones must be returned after the summer.

You must mention Camp YTT in the comments section to get this price,  also, please leave the shipping blank.

You can only use a regular cell phone IN ISRAEL, not a smartphone. Data phones will be taken away.

If you have any questions, or want to make the order over the phone, please contact Rivka from travelcell at 1-718-382-6500. 

Please make sure all orders are in before July 6th.

Phones are NOT mandatory, just recommended. Campers can also partner together.  

History and insights about the locations we are going to visit.

Routes to Roots


Checklist of items you need to have printed with you at the airport.

  1. Original notarized affidavit (signed by both parents) with a copy of your birth certificate.
  2. PCR test from within 72 hours of the flight.
  3. Original vaccination card.
  4. Confirmation of your “Israel Entry Statement” which you will receive after you fill out the form.
  5. Entry permit to Israel – Camp will be printing out.
  6. Boarding Pass – Camp will be printing out.